Less, Please!!!

We are always trying to pack more into our days. This is true of our careers, parenting, financial needs, and every other area of our lives.

What if I told you that the secret to obtaining everything you truly and deeply desire in life is to focus on less?

It’s counter-intuitive, and it works…

Want to Improve Your Professional Brand? Start with Your Wardrobe!

Our professional brand is created with everything we do, say, and wear.

What we wear matters.

A lot.

Stay away from these brand damaging choices…

Vacation is… A Leadership Lesson?

Ahhhhh… vacation… 

Time to Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate.

And Build Trust… What? Wait… Really?

Yes. Especially when you are a leader…

Are You My Mentor?

When it comes to building your support team, there is only one thing more awkward than asking someone to be your mentor.

And that is being on the receiving end of, “Will you be my mentor?”

“But wait!” you’re probably thinking… “I thought I was supposed to find mentors to help me with my career growth!”

Absolutely! And there’s a much better way to do it…

Coach? Mentor? Sponsor? Who Do You Need on Your Support Team?

Mentors! and Coaches! and Sponsors!


I’m a big fan of assembling the right team. This holds true whether you’re fixing the brakes on your car or taking the next step up the corporate ladder.

If you’re thinking… “I wish there was an easy way to figure out which of these support people I need”… I’ve got great news! There is!

Your Secret Weapon Against the Fear of Public Speaking!

Does the thought of giving a presentation make your heart race? Does any request to step on stage result in a quick scan of your calendar with the ready response, “Oh, I wish I could make it. Unfortunately, I’ve got a conflict!”?

Practice bursts are my secret weapon against the fear of public speaking, and they can be yours too!!

Is Your Inner Critic Designing Your Future?

We’ve all got one! That critical voice inside our head that runs a constant commentary about everything we do, say, or dare to dream.

Quieting that less than helpful voice will create a path for you to do more brave things, dream bigger, and experience more joy in your life.

Don’t let your inner critic create your future!

Can't Find Your Passion? You're not alone!!

You can find “passion” in book titles, chapter headings, or sprinkled throughout the content of just about every recent business book out there. 

How to find it…

How to harness it…

How to use it to make money…

Why you should (or shouldn’t) follow it…

And the list goes on.

But what if you don’t have a specific life passion?

Want to Change Your Boss? Here's what to do...

One of the most common questions I hear during mentoring sessions is some version of “How can I change the way my boss…

  • Talks to me”

  • Listens to my ideas”

  • Gives me feedback”

And the list goes on…

Interrupting the Interrupter. Yes, There is a Better Way!!

Ugh!!! There you are… explaining your AWESOME idea, and that’s when it happens. 

It’s no fun being interrupted. So what’s a person to do?

My Journey to the TED Stage! (almost...)

When we take actions that create a path for our dreams to follow, it’s like the dream takes a deep sigh of relief and says, “Finally! I’ve been waiting for you to let me in”

The reward for our bravery? We get to watch our big dreams come true!

UGH! Answering the Dreaded Difficult Question...

As our minds begin to swirl with our own questions about the reason for the inquiry, we start talking… and then back tracking… and the talking some more…

And that’s when we get into trouble.

Not enough time? There's no such thing...

The reality is that there is ALWAYS enough time. The real trick is in deciding what will to stop doing so that we can make room for our heats desire. 

Every time we say yes to something… we are saying no to something else.