Want to Improve Your Professional Brand? Start with Your Wardrobe!

Our professional brand is created with everything we do, say, and wear.

What we wear matters.

A lot.

Stay away from these brand damaging choices…

Are You My Mentor?

When it comes to building your support team, there is only one thing more awkward than asking someone to be your mentor.

And that is being on the receiving end of, “Will you be my mentor?”

“But wait!” you’re probably thinking… “I thought I was supposed to find mentors to help me with my career growth!”

Absolutely! And there’s a much better way to do it…

Can't Find Your Passion? You're not alone!!

You can find “passion” in book titles, chapter headings, or sprinkled throughout the content of just about every recent business book out there. 

How to find it…

How to harness it…

How to use it to make money…

Why you should (or shouldn’t) follow it…

And the list goes on.

But what if you don’t have a specific life passion?

Do You Know What You Want?

It’s hard to get what you want in life, especially when you aren’t sure exactly what that is.

Sound silly? Many of us wander through our day, week, or year without clarity on what we are working toward.