Change Leadership / Change Management

Professional Women: Rising in Your Career

Emerging Leaders: Career Success



Change Leadership:

Your Key to Business Results & Professional Differentiation

  • Change Management: What is it? Why does it matter?

  • How to increase organizational change agility and capacity for change

  • Executive Sponsors: Three behaviors that create exceptional results

  • Managers: Actions that increase engagement, manage resistance, and promote trust

  • Individual Contributors: Increase change agility, performance, and promotability

Owning your rise!

  • Showcase your work - sharing your value & achievements

  • Personal Marketing - You are your product

  • Stop Spinning - Overthinking

  • The "To-Don't" list

  • Feminine Strengths

Don’t let your inner critic design your future!

  • Get to know your Inner Critic!

  • The 3-step process to Quiet Your Inner Critic & Do More Brave Things!

  • Speaking with Confidence

  • Meet your Inner Mentor!

Career Success: They didn’t teach you this in school!!!

·       Identify your Passion

·       Build your Dream Network

·       Deliver the Perfect Elevator Pitch

·       Get Comfortable with Salary Negotiation

·       Take actions that will propel your career forward

Participants leave Carla’s workshops with:

  • New habits to implement that will cultivate influence and promotability

  • Knowledge of how to rise with confidence and grace

  • A supportive network of professionals who are rising along with you

  • Tip Sheets & Guides

These targeted sessions are focused on very specific areas that keep us stuck and hold them back. Carla also creates custom workshops based on the specific needs of your participants.


Participant Quotes

“(Our event organizer) did a great job in coordinating and bringing onsite Carla Howard to provide us an overview of Change Leadership along with an afternoon workshop. The event was a valuable and relevant session for all Change Leaders and Change Agents. I personally took away so much from the session that I can apply immediately to the work I am doing with my teams. I will be recommending the recording of the session to all of my peers and anyone I meet who is trying to create or manage change within their organization”

“If you weren't able to attend, I highly recommend watching the recording. It is well worth the time!”

“This was a great session!! Thank you for hosting!”

“Our chapter members raved about her webinar on the myth of change saturation; the recording of it had the record number of views in our chapter's history (and still counting), and several members - myself included - have implemented ideas and blueprints Carla shared, for our organizations.”

“I didn't make the event, and am listening to the recording. This is amazing!”

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