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Improve Your Public Speaking & Presentation Skills! 


Become a More Dynamic Speaker! Developing Excellent Speaking Skills will Increase Your Promotability, Level of Influence, and Self-Confidence!!

Have you let nervousness stop you from accepting opportunities to present at meetings, church, or conferences? Have you ever watched a great speaker and wished you could present on stage? Are you a speaker looking for tips on how to increase the impact of your message and connection with your audience? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place! 

Great speakers aren't born, they develop their craft with focus and practice. The great news is that the only special quality fabulous presenters possess is the desire to be amazing on stage, and you can learn how to be a dynamic speaker too!

Upon completion of this course, you will know how to:

  • Look, Sound, and Feel Confident on Stage!

  • Transform Presentation Jitters into Focused Excitement

  • Capture and Maintain Audience Attention

  • Create a Memorable Experience

  • Deliver a Compelling Presentation

  • Build Rapport and Connect with Your Audience

  • Be Prepared for Your Next Speaking Opportunity

Tip Sheets available for download include:

  • Presentation Pre-Work - Questions to Ask (Lecture 2)

  • Practice Bursts (Lecture 3)

  • From Fear to FABULOUS! (Lecture 4)

  • Practice, Practice, Practice... Effective Techniques (Lecture 5)

  • Your Voice (Lecture 6)

  • Body Language (Lecture 7)

  • Executive Presence (Lecture 8)

  • Introvert Speaker (Lecture 9)

  • Presentation Dos & Don'ts (Lecture 10)

  • Curtain Time! (Lecture 11)

  • After Your Presentation (Lecture 12)

Join me to learn how to speak with purpose, confidence, and grace!

I’m able to easily connect to the instructor. She has a friendly and engaging style. While I’m being reminded of some great tips I know (or may have forgotten about) I’m also learning some new ones.
This is amazing advice for public speaking. I am taking away so many valuable notes and ready to work on my power pose now.

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leading Millennials: How to be an effective coach!

Course Description:

The Millennials have arrived, and in a big way! They are the largest generation in the workforce, and expected to represent 75% of workers by 2025. Leaders who effectively motivate, coach, and engage these young professionals will be rewarded with workplaces filled with optimism and creativity. 

During this course, you will learn:

  • Differences between the four working generations

  • How to engage, develop, and retain Millennials

  • Tips on how to become a more effective coach

Tip Sheets available for download include:

  • Leading Millennials (Lecture 2)

  • Coaching Tips - Millennials (Lecture 3)

  • Millennial Coaching Topics (Lecture 4)

  • Conversation Guide (Lecture 5)

  • Understanding the Generations (Lecture 6)

Join me to learn how to navigate the Millennial Maze!

I am a millennial and I wish I could ask all leaders and managers take this course. I have found the millennial’s characteristics and expectations from their managers, which was covered in this course, very close to mine and my fellows. I strongly believe knowing millennials and understanding their world as a leader, could improve their productivity and engagement in the workplace. Carla, thank you for such a great course. I am looking forward to taking your future courses.
Another 5 star course by this instructor. Carla’s pace and “no fluff” approach to teaching is just what I was looking for!
Carla provides unique insight in managing young professionals. This is a topic that I see many of my peers struggle to understand. Probably due to the fact that many of them are unaware that managing talent has changed. Carla provides useful explanations for their behavior.

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How to rise in your career (For Grads & Young professionals)


Are you a new graduate entering the corporate world? Do you wonder what isn't taught in school that you need to know to be successful? Are you a professional who feels unfulfilled or stuck in your career, frustrated over being passed over for promotions, or ignored when expressing your ideas? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place! Many times, people are completely unaware of the behaviors and choices that hold them back for realizing their full potential. The great news is that small changes in behavior often make significant changes in perception!

During this course, you will learn how to:

  • Incorporate behaviors that create executive presence

  • Recognize and fix behaviors that are holding you back

  • Implement small changes that have a big impact on perception

  • Increase your level of influence

  • Develop a personal brand that fuels your career progression

Tip Sheets available for download include:

  • Build Your Brand (Lecture 2)

  • Cultivate Confidence (Lecture 8)

  • Raise Your Level of Influence (Lecture 12)

  • Increase Promotability (Lecture 17)

  • Mentor Assessment (Lecture 20)

Join me to learn how to move your career forward with purpose, confidence, and grace!

Great course! The most valuable thing about the videos is the “real talk” about the things professional do and say that hurt their career progress. I wish this type of instruction had been available when I started my career!
The lectures cover a broad range of topics, all helpful in reminding me of the many different ways of making a positive impression. I especially liked the Negative Self-talk lecture. I realize that I do that a lot. I hope to carry the tips with me to help ward that off. So many different lectures spoke to me. The 2nd one that really connected with me was the tips on being a good mentor. I plan to put some of those techniques into place immediately.
Great content, good solid advice on how to brand yourself. I especially liked the LinkedIn Information. I’m going to change my outdated “resume-looking” profile today!

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Improve Your Travel Experience: Tips for Comfort & Safety!


This course was designed for inexperienced travelers, and people interested in improving their travel safety and comfort. You'll learn tips on:

  • What to bring on the plan

  • What to pack

  • Hotel tips for a safe and comfortable stay

  • How to beat jet lag

  • Making the most of sightseeing opportunities

Checklists available for download include:

  • Carry On Luggage Checklist (Lecture 2)

  • Packing Checklist (Lecture 3)

  • Jet Lag Checklist (Lecture 4)

  • Hotel Safety Checklist (Lecture 5)

  • Sightseeing Checklist (Lecture 6)

  • International Travel Checklist (Lecture 7)

If you are a road warrior or someone with a great deal of travel experience, you may find a few new tips. More experienced travelers will find that most of the information in this course will be a refresher.

My favorite video was the one on hotel safety. I would never have thought of asking for 2 room keys when I check in, and I thought the doorstop alarm was a really good idea too. I haven’t done a lot of traveling, but it looks like I will be doing more for my job in the coming months. Thank you for creating this course.
This is excellent information! I will definitely incorporate many of these suggestions into my next trip - especially the inflatable travel pillow and the tip on how to alleviate that painful ear pressure that can build up during a flight.

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