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Is Your Inner Critic Designing Your Future?

Picture a Leader. Is She a Woman?

Owning Your Rise!

Career Success: They Didn’t Teach You THIS in School!

Change Leadership: Your Key to Business Results & Professional Differentiation

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Speaking Engagements                             Conference Attendee & Event Organizer Quotes

2019 American Express Career Day - Phoenix, AZ

2019 SharpHeels Career Summit - Phoenix, AZ

2019 Women’s Leadership Conference PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) - New Orleans, LA

2019 Alliance of Technology & Women - Phoenix, AZ

2019 SilkRoad Connections - San Diego, CA

2019 ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals) - Orlando, FL

2019 HDA (Healthcare Distribution Management Conference) - Palm Springs, CA

2019 Disrupt HR - Phoenix, AZ

2019 PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) - Las Vegas, NV

2018 TEDx Barton Springs Women - Austin, TX

2018 How Men & Women Can Better Understand Each Other at Work - Phoenix, AZ

2018 APICS Chapter - Orange County, CA

“We received rave reviews from those who attended her sessions. So much so that she became a favorite of some of the company representatives in attendance and she was requested for future learning sessions.”

"Once in a while you listen to a speaker that will inspire you to action: Carla Howard is that speaker"

“My favorite session of the conference!”

"Great start to the conference. Carla provided excellent relevant material that I will be bringing back to share with my team."

"Awesome presentation with a dynamic presenter"

“The examples that Carla gave were easily relatable. In fact, I’ve experienced similar situations,  which made the advice/guidance she provided that much more valuable.”

"Excellent - highly dynamic and effective"

"Fantastic start to the conference! Excellent presentation. CM (Change Management) could be dry, but Mrs. Howard kept it fun and entertaining. Kudos!"

"Dynamic and engaging speaker. Passionate about her topic."

"Excellent and very informative. Kudos to Carla!"

"Carla delivers her message with genuine enthusiasm and humor. Her message is clear, full of insight and can be easily adapted to your situation. Give her a listen, you'll be glad you did."

Professional Panel Discussion

Professional Panel Discussion

“What created an “ah ha!” moment for me was when Carla touched on how many times women apologize. Whether it is a discussion or a question, the words I’m sorry are part of the dialogue. I have made personal note of removing those words from my vocabulary and a conscious effort to stop apologizing, especially when I am not at fault!”

"Carla's authentic delivery really resonated with the audience. Her real-life examples made the presentation relatable. Her topics were well thought out and delivered with enthusiasm and warmth. She had great tips for women who struggle to be taken seriously or succeed in the workplace."

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet

TEDx Barton Springs Women

TEDx Barton Springs Women

Breakfast Keynote Presentation

Breakfast Keynote Presentation

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