As a keynote speaker, mentor, businesswoman, and author, Carla Howard is a welcome breath of fresh air in the all too stuffy corporate world.  She embraces life and her energy is contagious.  Growing up with a father in the Coast Guard, Carla and her family moved quite frequently. She often told her parents that being a military brat taught her how to adjust quickly (change agility), connect with new people (networking), and learn the unspoken rules necessary to succeed (office politics). She also learned the value of observation and active listening at an early age, and brings these qualities to each of her mentoring relationships.

Let’s grab a cup of coffee, sink into a couple of comfortable chairs, and figure some things out.

 Carla challenges her clients to be creative thinkers as they pursue their career and personal goals.  She finds immense value in celebrating mistakes; clients learn how to reframe their experiences to find valuable (and often hidden) personal gems.

She is skilled in identifying small changes in approach that remove barriers to success. Carla finds, “a key area of focus in my mentoring relationships is to identify behavior changes that will significantly raise a woman’s level of influence.  As a result, my clients have experienced increased levels of effectiveness, gained control of their careers, and realized they can accomplish more than they ever thought possible.” 

Carla has successfully coached employees from the warehouse floor to the C-Suite on how to lead and manage change, navigate emotionally-charged conversations, and play the political game with integrity. She is a results oriented leader who values truthfulness, accountability, and fun in the workplace. She is passionate about helping her clients take charge of their careers and become more strategic thinkers.

It is Carla’s approachable style and professional insight that make her an essential asset to any woman seeking to take their career to the next level. 

Carla is a Western International University graduate who is based in Phoenix, AZ; her clients reach as far away as Dubai.