Do You Know What You Want?

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It’s hard to get what you want in life, especially when you aren’t sure exactly what that is.

Sound silly? Many of us wander through our day, week, or year without clarity on what we are working toward. Even when we can say (or think we can say) exactly what we want to achieve, be, do, or have… often, we jump to solution. That doesn’t work in business, and it won’t work in our personal lives either.

I’ve asked soooo many women “What do you want? What do you deeply and truly want in your life?”, and received answers like:

“I want to earn $100K this year”

“I want to quit my day job and become a communications freelancer”

When asked, “Why do you want these things”, the answers are very different. They typically sound something like this:

“I want to be able to go to my daughter's soccer practice, and that’s not possible with my current job schedule”

“I love to travel, and if I make more money I’ll be able to visit more places”

“I’m a creative person, and I need to do something with all of these ideas that I have spinning around in my head”

So you see, what we REALLY want is often very different from what we say we want. There are many paths you can take to achieve your heart’s desire.

Sooooo..... what is your hearts desire? Figuring that out is a bold step forward!

To help you get clarity on what you want, here is a little homework exercise. Get out your journal or a piece of paper (yep, we’re going old school on this one), and write down all of the things you want in your life. 

Every.  Single.  Thing.


No filtering, second guessing, nor crossing things out.

Ask yourself why you want these things… and write that down. 

Then, get creative with the different ways to get the things you want most. Keep this list in mind when making decisions and planning out your day. 

Designing the life of your dreams requires knowing what it is you’re creating. And once the picture is clear, you will naturally start taking the steps toward creating that vision.

Give it a go… The results can be absolutely magical!