The 3-Step Process to Stop Over Explaining!

Do you find yourself explaining every twist and turn of how you decided on a specific course of action?

When you eliminate over explaining, your self-confidence will increase and others will have more confidence in your ideas and suggestions!

Learn the 3-Step process to stop over explaining in this blog…

Want to Improve Your Professional Brand? Start with Your Wardrobe!

Our professional brand is created with everything we do, say, and wear.

What we wear matters.

A lot.

Stay away from these brand damaging choices…

Are You My Mentor?

When it comes to building your support team, there is only one thing more awkward than asking someone to be your mentor.

And that is being on the receiving end of, “Will you be my mentor?”

“But wait!” you’re probably thinking… “I thought I was supposed to find mentors to help me with my career growth!”

Absolutely! And there’s a much better way to do it…

Coach? Mentor? Sponsor? Who Do You Need on Your Support Team?

Mentors! and Coaches! and Sponsors!


I’m a big fan of assembling the right team. This holds true whether you’re fixing the brakes on your car or taking the next step up the corporate ladder.

If you’re thinking… “I wish there was an easy way to figure out which of these support people I need”… I’ve got great news! There is!

Want to Change Your Boss? Here's what to do...

One of the most common questions I hear during mentoring sessions is some version of “How can I change the way my boss…

  • Talks to me”

  • Listens to my ideas”

  • Gives me feedback”

And the list goes on…

UGH! Answering the Dreaded Difficult Question...

As our minds begin to swirl with our own questions about the reason for the inquiry, we start talking… and then back tracking… and the talking some more…

And that’s when we get into trouble.

The Power of AND!

And, when we replace the words “but” or “however” with “and”… something magical happens. People become less defensive, resistant, and frustrated.