Conference Speaker

Kara Sundar

“If you're looking for someone to tiptoe around and listen to endless complaining, Carla is not the mentor for you. But if you want someone who will speak plain truth and cut through the mire, giving you solid advice while also leaving room for growth, then I highly recommend her to you!”

Alisha Robinson

"Carla is an active listener and her engagement with you is always thoughtful and honest.  Each session I’ve had with her has left me feeling empowered and encouraged to step out into an area that I was reticent to take on before.  She is helping me to become a more strategic thinker, and my colleagues have noticed the change."

Stacey Kurzendorfer

"She is a “gold mine” in this world of sometimes “hollywoodized” (big business) celebrity coaches.  Carla’s advice and suggestions are always welcome and I would recommend her highly as a mentor, especially to other women looking for career advice (which in some cases may intersect with having a personal impact)..."