Stacey Kurzendorfer

 "It is my absolute pleasure to write this testimonial about Carla Howard, who has both mentored and coached me for over one year (since November of 2015).

Carla and I both share similar backgrounds (being a Master Six Sigma Blackbelt in her case and a Six Sigma Blackbelt in mine) and we are both practitioners in the field of Change Management.

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However, her experience is much more extensive than mine in the latter field and I turned to her initially to ‘bounce some ideas around” about practicing transformation in the Middle East in some tough environments.  It quickly became apparent that Carla is not only an extremely skilled practitioner; she is also a fantastic coach and mentor.

The CIPD defines mentoring as “Developing a person’s skills and knowledge so that their job performance improves, hopefully leading to the achievement of organisational objectives… may also have an impact on an individual’s private life”.

It is a testament to her skills and abilities that Carla does her mentoring from afar, and it is no less effective.  The fact that I live in the Middle East and that she lives in Arizona does not diminish from the involvement I feel each time we talk. We both work internationally and Carla is a superlative listener, who always has timely and relevant wisdom to offer.

She is also extremely forthright, without being abrasive or harsh.  I find her to be an extremely positive and empathetic person who comes from a place of offering guidance and best practices, along with timely advice and multiple options to approach difficult situations.

I feel very lucky to have met Carla, and our relationship continues.  She is a “gold mine” in this world of sometimes “hollywoodized” (big business) celebrity coaches.  Carla’s advice and suggestions are always welcome and I would recommend her highly as a mentor, especially to other women looking for career advice (which in some cases may intersect with having a personal impact).  She has earned my trust and has been a huge support in navigating the challenges I have faced.    

Feel free to contact me for further details."

Stacey Kurzendorfer