Alisha Robinson


"The first time I met Carla, I knew right away I wanted to ask her to mentor me.  Her enthusiasm and passion for life is contagious.  She brings such great energy with her wherever she goes.  Her demeanor is so welcoming and comfortable that it unexpectedly yet pleasantly disarms you to open up to her and share your challenges, your goals, your hopes, your dreams and even some of your fears.

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Carla is an active listener and her engagement with you is always thoughtful and honest.  Each session I’ve had with her has left me feeling empowered and encouraged to step out into an area that I was reticent to take on before.  She is helping me to become a more strategic thinker and some of my colleagues have noticed the change.  

One of my biggest takeaways from my mentoring with Carla is I have started to believe in myself again and the skills I possess as a professional business woman.  

Carla has helped me to reconnect with my true talents and skills by seeing and bringing to the surface the abilities I had let grow dormant.  I often tell her that she gets me which is amazing because I don’t think that many people do.  

I am forever grateful to Carla for her time, her talent and her genuineness.  She brings such an amazing perspective to each one of our sessions and knows how to get me thinking outside the box.  I truly respect Carla as a business woman and as a friend. She is proven and she is solid. I will continue to utilize her as a mentor for as long as I have a career.  

To me, she helps breath life into you and your passion."