Finally!! A Troll Noticed Me!!!


A troll commented on my LinkedIn post last week. He was rude, insensitive, and disrespectful. He pulled out all of the stops in an attempt to be hurtful. He wanted to silence my message. Make me feel small. Feed my Inner Critic and stop me from sharing my voice.

AND… I was so excited that I shouted out loud, did a little dance, and sent out vibrations for more trolls to find me!!!

Now… before you go thinking I’ve jumped off the deep end… consider this…

Trolls don’t notice or bother to comment on messages that are: Bland. Vanilla. Safe. Expected.

Trolls notice (as Seth Godin would say)The Purple Cows. People who are making a difference. Content that is edgy, different, exciting, or challenges their view point.

It’s so much more fun to create work that matters!!!

Your message, content, business, etc... isn't going to resonate with everyone. Your work isn’t FOR everyone. Your work is only for “Your People”. Full Stop. No Exceptions.

And “Your People” will love it!!!!

If there isn’t someone out there on this big blue marble that STRONGLY dislikes what you're doing, it's time to bring more passion and the incredible uniqueness that's YOU to center stage! 

I used to worry (a lot) about what people would think of my message and content. Fear of criticism stopped me from putting it out there... or I'd water down the message to reduce the likelihood of negative backlash.

Guess What?

It didn’t work!!! (Shocking, right?)

To be special, you MUST stand out. When you step into becoming a Purple Cow, people will notice. Attention will follow, and not everyone will love your work.

Some people will hate it.

When your special work is launched into the universe, there will be people who criticize your message. Some will criticize YOU. Some will be kind about it, others will not. And the trolls will do everything they can to be downright hurtful.

Here’s the good news: You will immediately know who is not included in the wonderful, supportive, connected group that is the collective that creates “Your people”!

The trolls and people with negative comments simply aren’t your people. Their opinions don’t matter. Not even a little bit…

When your troll strikes … You will also know that you’re doing something right. Your message matters. You are creating a stir.

You’re connecting with people in a way that is meaningful and that connection is making a difference.

Trolls hate that!

When your troll strikes, CELEBRATE!!!

Know that your people are out there… they are searching for you… and as surely as your troll found you, so will your people.

We can’t be everything to everyone. Even if we could, how much fun would that be?!?


Dream BIG!!!!

Do More BRAVE Things!

(and while you’re at it… ask the Universe to send you more trolls!!)