It's Not Personal... or Is It?

This is the hardest blog post I’ve ever written.

Partly, because change is hard.

Mostly, because it’s personal.

And… to top it off, I’m a change management professional!! I coach executives on how to embrace the messiness of change and create calm out of the chaos. People rely on me to develop plans so that they will be successful through the biggest changes they will ever face in their careers.

So… I should have this change thing all figured out. Right?

Well, I don’t.


Because it’s personal.

Ohhhh so personal.

Who ever uttered the words “It’s not personal, it’s business” didn’t understand how business is supposed to work. If it’s not personal, you’re not doing it right.

Here’s what I know about change.

It’s the hardest when you’re fully invested in people. When you care deeply. And when coming to work makes you smile because of the relationships that you’ve built.

Even when great people leave for amazing opportunities, and you are profoundly happy for them and proud of the skills and talents they’ve built that lead to their next step – your heart still breaks, just a little.

This is the situation I found myself in last month. Twice. In the same week.

One day, I walked a young man (who had come to me as an intern 5 years ago) to the lobby, took his badge and watched him walk toward his future.

The next day, I watched as a young woman (who joined our team as an intern 4 years ago) packed up her desk, and then walk down the hall in the direction of her dream job.

To say that I am proud of these amazing young professionals just doesn’t seem quite grand enough. I am more than proud of them, and more than grateful for our years working together side-by-side.

We built an amazing practice.

We celebrated mistakes, laughed, and learned together.

We helped 1,000’s of people learn how to lead change and embrace new ways of working.

The good news is this; I have no doubt that we will always stay connected. You may be thinking that our connection will fade over time. I know that it won’t.

How do I know this?

Because for us… work is about people, connections, and relationships.

Business is Personal