Your Secret Weapon Against the Fear of Public Speaking!


Does the thought of giving a presentation make your heart race? Does any request to step on stage result in a quick scan of your calendar with the ready response, “Oh, I wish I could make it. Unfortunately, I’ve got a conflict!”

I’ll bet your favorite conference keynote, business guru, or social media star has struggled with the fear of public speaking too. Heck, she may experience anxiety every time she steps on stage!

rockstar speakers have learned how turn their fear of public speaking into a calm presence on stage, and you can too!!

How? With Practice Bursts!!

Practice bursts are my secret weapon against the fear of public speaking, and they can be yours too!!

The coolest thing about this technique is that you will be practicing speaking in front of an audience, and nobody will know you’re doing it!

So… what the heck is a practice burst? I’m so glad you asked!!

Practice bursts are those moments in casual conversations, small group discussions, and everyday meetings when you share your ideas. Anytime you find yourself explaining a project, asking a question, or expanding on a colleague’s suggestion, that moment can be turned into a practice burst.

When you know how to look for them, you’ll find several 1 - 3 minute windows every day to complete a practice burst.

Consider doing your first few practice bursts in small groups of two or three people. You’ll feel a mindset shift as you think of these moments as presentation practice. Next, move on to larger audiences as you become comfortable with the technique.

These elements should all be part of your secret presentation practice:

  • Plan what you will say.

  • Choose words that best convey your message.

  • Be succinct

  • Show your passion

  • Enunciate

  • Pause

  • Listen

  • Let people laugh

Focus on forming connections with people in the room. The best leaders and presenters cultivate influence through connection. Practice bursts are a great way to hone these skills.

  • Greet people as they enter the room

  • Introduce yourself to people you don’t know

  • Maintain eye contact

  • Smile

Practice bursts will help you become more confident on stage, while increasing your promotability in the process.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!