Is Your Inner Critic Designing Your Future?

We’ve all got one!

That critical voice inside our head that runs a constant commentary about everything we do, say, or dare to dream.

Sometimes it’s a faint whisper.

Other times the voice is so loud that it drowns out all other thoughts. That is our inner critic, and she usually shows up in a very convincing way when we are about to do something big!

UGH!!! If only there was a simple way to take control of those unhelpful messages that kick us when we’re down!!!

Well… there is! This 3-step process is ohhh sooo simple… not easy, but simple:

Step 1 – Get to Know Your Inner Critic

This is the step that the women I work with like the least. This work requires you to really listen to your inner critic, just the opposite of what you’d expect a coach to say!

  • Who is she?

  • What are her family dynamics?

  • What is her education level?

  • What is her name? (stay with me on this one… you’ll need this for the next steps)

Step 2 – Shine a Light on Your Inner Critic

We all remember the relief after a bad dream when our parents flipped the light switch!! This step is just like that experience. Recognizing when our inner critic is talking to us (this is where her name comes in handy) will takeaway her power.

Step 3 – Reframe Your Story

You are the master of your story!! When your inner critic shows up and starts telling what you can’t or shouldn’t do… talk back! You own your future, so rewrite your story and create the future you desire.            

The most amazing things happen when we learn how to manage our inner critic!

We feel a sense of freedom to do more brave things, our creativity shows up more fully, we dream bigger, and what once felt impossible becomes our future.

Quieting that less than helpful voice will create a path for you to do more brave things, dream bigger, and experience more joy in your life.

Don’t let your inner critic create your future!

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