Women Think Too Much! Think I'm Wrong?

Women Think Too Much.jpg

Women think too much.

WAY too much… how many times in the past week have you found yourself in one of these thinking loops: 

  • Replaying a past conversation or situation that didn’t go well over, and over, and over

  • Wishing you had responded differently to someone

  • Anticipating a negative outcome to a future situation to the point that you’ve anticipated the ENTIRE conversation (and not just once)

  • Kicking your self in the butt for something you did or didn’t do

 Sound familiar? If so… then welcome to the Rumination Club!!

 Ruminating is absolutely exhausting, and completely avoidable.

 Stop doing these 5 things to break free of overthinking:

“Shoulding yourself in the foot”

Every time you find yourself thinking (or saying), “I should have <fill in the blank>”, you’re stuck in the past. Forgive your self for not being perfect, learn from your experience, and make a plan for better choices next time.

Comparing yourself to others

When we compare ourselves to friends, coworkers, or models in magazines… we come out on the loosing end. Comparison leads to lower self-esteem and confidence. UGH! Be aware of when you compare yourself to others, and instead focus on progress you’ve made toward your goals, the things you are good at, and what you are planning for the future. 

Hanging on unrealistic goals

Are you trying to loose 10 pounds in a week? Be able to run a marathon in 3 months? Write a book in 30 days? When we set ourselves up for failure by setting unrealistic goals, our inner critic has a grand ole’ time beating us up when we don’t measure up.

Taking your blessings for granted

There is something truly magical about gratitude. It stops rumination (it’s hard to beat yourself up when your grateful), puts us in a more positive mood, and brings much needed perspective during difficult times. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Try keeping a gratitude journal, or simply say out loud what you’re grateful for when rumination starts to set in.

Waiting for rumination to pass

If you wait… overthinking will wait with you! Go for a walk. Hit the gym. Do something that requires you to move your body. Exercise is a great way to push back the cloud of overthinking. 

Be Present

Do More Brave Things

Leave the Past in the Past

Move forward with Confidence and GracE