Back to the Present!!! Gratitude is the Answer...


I want to be present more often.

Strike that.

I NEED to be present more often.

Why? Because the cost of not being present is high.

Too high to ignore.

We can see the lack of being present all around us. Every. Single. Day.

  • People at the park with their children… well, sort of with their children. They are there physically, but texting and looking at their phones while their precious littles find playmates and desperately wish their mom or dad would play with them.

  • Couples connecting over dinner at their favorite local bistro. That is… connecting with other people (not their dinner date) on their smart devices and “checking in” on Facebook.

  • Finishing a bucket list item and within 20 seconds thinking… “Well, that’s over. What’s next!”… oh wait, that’s me...

Last week, as I was walking down the stairs from delivering my TEDx talk, I was literally thinking… “Wow! That’s it, I’m a TEDx speaker!... Now what?…”

Luckily, I caught myself. As I plopped down in the last row of the auditorium to listen to the next speaker I thought, “How can I find a way to be present and enjoy this experience?”.

Gratitude was the answer.

The list of people and situations in my life that made my TEDx dream come true was long. Spending a few minutes mentally listing them and truly feeling the warmth of gratitude brought me back to the present.

It worked for me, and it will work for you too!!

Here’s why gratitude center’s us and keeps us present:

  • Gratitude is all about the things that are true in Your Universe

  • Gratitude is Humbling

  • Gratitude isn’t in the future, it’s happening right now

When you are grateful for your beautiful children, the crisp sunny afternoon, and the day off to take your littles to the park… you won’t be texting Sue about what’s happening in the office.

When you are grateful for your wonderful wife, the anniversary that you’re celebrating, and the fabulous glass of wine you’re enjoying… you won’t feel the need to “check in” on Facebook.

And… When you are grateful that you have a husband who is your biggest fan, a boss who supports your dreams, and the financial ability to fly to Austin for two days to give a TEDx talk… you won’t be wondering “What’s Next?” the second the applause stops.

The next time find your mind drifting… ruminating… or being physically present, with thoughts miles away…

Try Gratitude.

Be Present. Enjoy the beauty in everyday life. Strengthen Connections. Make Your Dreams Come True.

Gratitude will help you achieve all of these.

Now, THAT’s something to be grateful for!!!