MaryAnne Garcia

“We recently engaged Carla as our Keynote Speaker at the 3rd annual Alliance of Technology and Woman (ATW) conference here in Tempe, Arizona and she was nothing short of amazing. We had over 75 woman in attendance and they all raved about how much value and insight she brought to the conference. I know because I collected the survey results and Carla scored the highest value. Carla spoke about the 3 simple steps on how to Quiet YOUR Inner Critic, which is also the name of her journal - Quiet YOUR Inner Critic- go buy it today!

MaryAnne Garcia.jpeg

It was amazing, the tips and techniques she shared about how to rid that little voice in your head that runs a constant commentary about everything you do, say, or dare to dream. You know the one!

Can't say enough about Carla, check her out on YouTube, buy her book, go listen to her speak, do one do all, you won't be disappointed.”