Anne Nevel

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Sr. Director of Industry Education, HDA (Healthcare Distribution Alliance)

"After reading all of the testimonials here, I felt I needed to:

1 - say I can't agree with them more! &

2 - leave a testimonial of my own.

I met Carla, by chance, through an individual I had booked as a conference speaker who had to back out and recommended I reach out to her. I knew within minutes of speaking we would work together on more than the one session we were discussing! (this is no exaggeration!)

After that initial call, we scheduled Carla for TWO (not just the one we were originally contacting her about) conference sessions. One reason this happened is because Carla is so knowledgeable in different areas. So, she gave a talk on change management AND mentoring & working with the next generation. Carla is not only knowledgeable and skilled in these areas, she is passionate... and it shows!

We received rave reviews from those who attended her sessions. So much so that she became a favorite of some of the company representatives in attendance and she was requested for future learning sessions. I have happily obliged and had the pleasure of working with Carla on a women's executive event and a webinar. Every. Time. Carla takes on the project with enthusiasm; puts her all into the development; is over-the-top cooperative and helpful along the way... and then gives a stellar presentation! As someone who works with speakers regularly, she is the ideal person to work with!

As others have shared - with Carla you get so much more... She is a natural coach and just a genuinely good person. In addition to having the opportunity to work with her on my organization's educational projects I've had the opportunity to get to know Carla... to get a little of my own coaching (which I love! - she is really is good at it!)... and... I got the opportunity to meet a genuinely awesome person I would now call a friend. What a bonus!"