Not enough time? There's no such thing...

Not enough Time.jpg

All too often we use the excuse of “not enough time” for not doing, achieving, or creating something of value in our lives. Sadly, these are often the very things that would bring the most joy and happiness to our lives.

The reality is that there is ALWAYS enough time. The real trick is in deciding what to stop doing so that we can make room for our heats desire. 

Every time we say yes to something… we are saying no to something else. 

When we choose how the hours in a day will be spent (instead of just letting the 24 hours unfold), we are able to include more fun, learning, and connection in our lives. 

Start by calculating how many hours a day, week, or month you say yes to:

  • Watching TV & Movies

  • Engaging on Social Media

  • Browsing the web

  • Shopping Online

  • Checking your phone

  • Planning excessively

Imagine saying no to some of time you spend on the activities above, and freeing up 10+ hours a week to create room for:

  • Starting your side hustle

  • Lunch with a friend

  • Walking your dog

  • Going to the gym

  • Taking your kids to the park

  • Attending a class or workshop

  • Connecting with family

That’s over 40 hours a month of newly discovered time! Put a different way, you’ve just created space equal to an entire work week. This new bucket of hours refreshes every month, and you get to decide how to use it. 

Time wasters sneak into our day and cause us to miss the most important and fulfilling experiences

That's the one thing there simply isn't enough time for!