The Ambition Trap

Do you want to win? I do. That’s what ambition is all about.

Ambition is the fuel for:

  • Creativity

  • Competition (sports, business, you name it…)

  • Setting and achieving big audacious goals

  • Becoming an entrepreneur

  • Applying for your dream job

  • Finding your idea life partner

  • Doing more brave things

If being ambitious is one of the keys to creating a fulfilling life, why do so many people (typically women) shy away from owning their own ambition? Because we don’t to be seen as:

  • Aggressive

  • Self-centered

  • Uncaring

  • Egotistical

  • Harsh

Here's the great news, we don't have to choose! Ambition doesn’t automatically include or exclude any other attribute. You can follow your dreams AND be kind, bold, effective, empathetic, feminine, driven, humble, ethical, or any other adjective that describes how you want to show up in the world.

Think about the biggest and most exciting goals that you have for your life. 

Do you want to become an entrepreneur? CEO? Chef? Raise service dogs?

Being self-centered, uncaring, and aloof would never be included in your plan on how to achieve success. 

That just doesn’t make sense!

Neither does being ashamed of ambition or hiding your desire to win.

Get really clear on what you want to achieve, create a plan, work the plan, and make your dreams come true. 

That’s ambition, and it’s something to be proud of!!