Scripts & Tips for Work Conversations

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Scripts & Tips for Work Conversations


It can be soooo hard to find the right words when you need to speak up in a meeting, give feedback to a coworker, or share an opposing viewpoint.

Professional women often struggle to find the balance between being kind and ambitious at work. To avoid coming across arrogant or bitchy, we often adjust our speech in an effort to soften our messages.

Your words matter. 

This guide will make communicating easy, even when the topic is challenging.

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First the bad news… the double standard against ambitious women is real. The more successful and ambitious a women is, the less likable she becomes. This is a tough spot to be in because likability is a critical factor as we rise in our careers. Harvard Business Review did a study that found people value likability even more than competence, and would choose to work with a likable person over a competent person. HRB calls the people who are skilled at combining likability and ambition “Lovable Stars”.

Now the good news… there are small changes in the way that we communicate that will transform us into Lovable Stars!!

This guide includes:

  • 60+ Sample scripts to help you communicate with confidence and grace!

  • Words and Phrases to eliminate from your vocabulary

  • Topics include: Disagreeing with Kindness, Stopping Interruptions, Navigating Emotional Topics, Giving Feedback, Demonstrating Confidence, and more...

Learn how to Rise with Confidence & Grace through Confident Communications!