The Executive Sponsor's Guide for Leading Change

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The Executive Sponsor's Guide for Leading Change


Leading large-scale change is one of the most difficult challenges leaders will face during their careers. The rate of change is higher today than it has ever been, and leaders across all industries are finding themselves in change-saturated organizations. 

Where leaders tend to fall short isn’t in the lack of a vision or strategy, but in the ability to mobilize an organization to implement significant changes that transforms their organizations.

Following the framework and recommendations in this guide will greatly increase your Executive Sponsorship competency, while raising your level of influence and promotability in the process.

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The most sought after leaders know how to implement complex change in a way that achieves the expected benefits, while staying grounded in respect for people.

In addition to increasing your leadership competency, the benefits of strong Executive Sponsorship include:

  • Projects finish on time, on budget, and with the expected ROI

  • Increased Employee Engagement

  • Customers join your organization throughout the change journey

  • Higher Organizational Change Agility

Learn how to use Stunning Executive Leadership as your Key to Business Results and Professional Differentiation!