Crafting Your Elevator Pitch - Guide & Worksheet


Crafting Your Elevator Pitch - Guide & Worksheet


It sounds sooooo simple!!!! Doesn’t it? Be brilliant in the time it would take to complete a short ride on elevator, under 60 seconds.

The CEO asks you what you’ve been working on? Simple! Deliver your project elevator pitch!

You’ve suddenly run into someone you’ve been dying to meet? Reach out your hand and deliver your personal elevator pitch!

Now for the reality… it’s not that easy. Not at all. Especially when you have no idea where to start.

This guide & worksheet will walk you through the 5-step process of delivering the perfect elevator pitch every time! Following this framework will feel natural, have you sharing the right level of information, and leave you feeling confident and relaxed when delivering your elevator pitch.

So… let’s get started!

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When people ask you “What are you working on?”... your response may end up being long and drawn out if you aren’t prepared. We have a tendency to share the details of our contribution instead of the bigger picture (a waaayyyy less strategic response). AND, our answer becomes a rambling monologue.

Unfortunately, this happens long before we realize the person we’re talking to has that glazed expression that is a sure sign they are thinking about what to order for lunch.

This 5-step project elevator pitch framework will hone your project elevator pitch into a 30 -60 second response!

This guide includes:

  • 5 - Step Process for the Project Elevator Pitch

  • 5- Step Process for your Introduction Elevator Pitch

  • Writing Prompts

  • Elevator Speech Delivery Tips

Learn how to Deliver the Perfect Elevator Pitch with Confidence & Grace!