Workshops for Professional Women



None of us Succeed Alone!!

Carla's workshops bring high achieving women together!

Each woman will leave her workshop with:

  • New habits to implement that will make her more influential and promotable
  • Knowledge of how to rise with confidence and grace
  • A supportive network of professional women who are rising along with her

These targeted sessions are focused on very specific areas that keep women stuck and hold them back. Carla creates customized sessions based on the specific needs of your participants, and she also has standard workshops available for your group:

Owning your rise!

  • Your Why
  • Sharing your value & achievements
  • Personal Marketing - You are your product
  • Stop Spinning - Overthinking 
  • The "To-Don't" list
  • Feminine Strengths

Quieting your Inner Critic

  • Get to know your inner critic - Who is she / he?
  • Shine a light - exposing your inner critic and finding the truth
  • Talk back - rewrite your story

Speaking while female

  • The phenomena is real!
  • Replacing old habits that don't serve you
  • Words matter... a lot
  • Using your voice effectively
  • Feminine Strengths
  • What to do when "Speaking While Female" happens

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